Sunday, March 15, 2009

PT5.1 for CCNA simulation lab

I was preparing CCNA exam, to practice the lab simulation questions, I used Packet Tracer 5.1 to simulate the questions. I integrated the questions, answers, and the explanation into a single pka file. With these pka files, you can practice the lab questions, verify your answers in real time, and check the explanation. I believe you’ll be more confident in your CCNA exam after practicing these labs.

You can download these pka files from:

1. CCNA Access List Sim (Updated from real CCNA exam on 07-March-2009):

2. CCNA Implementation SIM (Updated from real CCNA exam on 19-Feb-2009):

3. CCNA Drag and Drop SIM Question (Updated from real CCNA exam on 19-Feb-2009):

4. CCNA EIGRP LAB Question (Updated from real CCNA Exam on 19-Feb-2009):

5. CCNA VTP SIM Question (Updated from real CCNA exam on 19-Feb-2009):

6. CCNA RIP Configuration SIM Question (Updated from real CCNA exam on 19-Feb-2009):

7. CCNA NAT SIM Question:

Please use Packet Tracer 5.1. I am not sure if 5.0 can open these files.

Even you are not preparing CCNA, it is still good to practice these labs in order to enhance your network knowledge.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions related to the files, comment or send me an email.


  1. thanx alot , i don't know how to thank ,,

    if there is any help i can do please tell me !

    uh one other thing ,, where can i download the latest pass4sure ?

    thanx in advance

  2. thanks.. wonderful the one which i was looking for.. you are great..

  3. Wow you are awesome. I have been looking for the VTP sim.