Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Create a big size empty file

I was working with a MFT (Managed File Transfer) system recently. I need a big size file to test the transfer rate, and it would be good to create a file with specific sizes. After google it, I found a useful command in WinXp: fsutil – file system utility. The format of creating a specific size file is: fsutil file createnew .

Open a command line window: Click “start”-> “Run...” enter “cmd”, click “ok”.

I need a 3GB file, 3GB=3*1024 MB =3072*1024 KB =3145728 * 1024 BYTE=3221225472 BYTE

So the command is: fsutil file createnew test3g.txt 3221225472

Now you get a 3GB file in the current directory. The only thing I concern is, if you compress this file, it is only 200 Bytes, some transfer protocol may compress the file before the transfer, so it may affect the transfer rate. However, it is still a good practice.

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