Thursday, March 11, 2010

Uncontrollable Zooming in Microsoft Word and IE

The Dell Latitude D630 laptop I was using has a very strange behaviour, when I connect it to a projector, and press Fn+F8 to show the screen on both devices, word zooms to 500% and stay there, whatever I change zooming setting, it goes back to 500%. Same as IE. I have to reboot the laptop to solve this problem, but when I press Fn+F8, it happens again. The strange thing is, if I don’t connect it to a projector, everything is fine, even I press Fn+F8. And I couldn’t reproduce the problem in another Dell laptop.

It really annoys me because I cannot use it for presentation. I decided to find out the reason. I believe there is a process causing this problem, I killed the suspect processes with Process Explorer 11.33 ( and finally found out it is iType.exe that causes the problem.

Here is detail of iType.exe:

Once I kill the process, everything back to normal.

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