Friday, July 15, 2016

Check Your Google account activity

It is a good security practice to check your Google Account activity history regularly.

1. Check Gmail login history
  1) Login to Gmail box, scroll down to the end of page, on the right-end side, there is a “Details” link.

 2) Click “Details”, brings you the Gmail login history:

    3) In case someone login to your account from other place, you can click “Sign out all other web sessions” to sign them out.
    4) It is recommended to select the “Show an alert for unusual activity.” Option.

2. Check Recently used devices
  1) Login to your Google account
  2) Open (Copy & paste) this link:
  3) The page lists devices that have been active on your account in the last 28 days.

3. Check All activity history including web browsing:
  1) Login to your Google account.
  2) Open (Copy & paste) this link:

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